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Wholesale Keyrings & Accessories

When it comes to attending to home d�cor, it might be a good idea to run through several design staples including light shades. These items are very essential to anyone's home d�cor because as minute as they can appear to be, they can create a big difference to any room's overall look. There are many types of light shades to choose from. If you want to offer your customers high quality light shades then Lavida is your ultimate resource.

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Markers of beautiful memories

Mysteries, romance, adventures and classics, any self-respecting bookworm will have all these genres and more. If your customers enjoy above all else, a good read, then they might like spending an afternoon or two curled up with a good book. But as life happens and its common knowledge that you can’t spend the rest of yours trying to catch up on all your reading. The best thing to do is to take a little each time, maybe a chapter before sleeping and one upon waking up. And so that they don’t lose their place in their favorite stories, what best to mark it with than a beautiful bookmark?

Art and Inspiration

Impress your customers with a bookmark made with a lovely yellow satin ribbon with a round vintage clock face attached. Embroidered on the satin piece is a cluster of little jewels for easier handling. Your customers will not only be able to find their page on the book they are reading be able to tell the time too! Now they surely won’t get lost in their reading and neither will they get lost in time. Check out even more unique and delicately created pieces that double as bookmarks. Each item is a marvelous work of art and looks ready to be displayed on a shelf on its own.

Unlocking the path

Keys are made to unlock a multitude of things. Boxes, lockets, doors, chests, drawers and diaries. They are made to open up a rooms, closets, chains and houses. They are able to start up cars, engines, machines and inventions. Without keys, you may as well be without a place to go, no path to take, destined to stay in one spot forever. Everyone values keys and these are usually kept close to the heart. Keys are best kept in one safe place, bound together by one key ring so that they are not easily lost.

Keys and keepsakes

Keys that are special must be bound tight by a key ring that is just as special. The collection available on our website is magical. Each piece is made with exquisite care and the finest details that your clientele is sure to love. The selection of different key rings will be perfect for your customers’ many moods. They are inspired by everyday objects like boots, hearts, cars and even a pear but set with the extraordinary glamour of sparkly custom made jewels that sparkle with each move. Each piece is a delicate work of art, each one is sure to capture the attention of your discerning customers.

Keys will never be lost again with these sparkly key rings that are too beautiful to be misplaced. They can be spotted from a distance as they call for attention not only because of its shimmering finish but also because of their cool and quirky designs. The key ring collection is one of a kind for all kinds of personalities. You will find items shaped like a pink piggy, a diamond encrusted red elephant and even an elegantly shimmering pixie. The choices are endless and your clientele will have a grand time choosing among the collection.

As key rings are deeply personal items, and their can only be one keeper of keys, it makes sense to purchase a key ring that is as special as possible. The key ring collection is made with only the finest craftsmanship and quality materials available. Choose from a spicy variety of key rings for your stylish and savvy clientele.

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