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Wholesale Artificial Plants

As Australia's largest and most popular wholesaler of home decor and gifts, we now stock a wide range of inexpensive, artificial potted plants.

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Whether they are called faux plants, fake plants, plastic plants, etc - we have them all - we prefer the name artificial plants and we have some stunning ones in stock!

We have wanted to stock a large range of wholesale artificial plants for some time now and if you take a look at our current ranges below, we will hopefully have a style for everyone all at great LaVida price points!

It has been really important to us to find realistic looking artificial plants at the right price.

We are absolutely loving the quality and the detail of these new ranges and have worked hard with the manufacturer to get the right look and style and most of all as realistic as possible.

Adding artificial plants to your home is no longer frowned upon, we all know how difficult it can be to maintain real live house plants and keep them looking green, happy and healthy!

We are all busier than ever and having the luxury of spare time would be wonderful to be able to nurture and care for real live plants, but when that isn't the case or you just don't have great growing conditions in your room or house, then artificial plants are a winner!

Every room can benefit from having a touch of greenery, a key piece to link your space to nature is so important and also very on trend and these decorative plants do just that.

Other important factors to bear in mind is that our range is generally kid-proof and also pet-proof unlike some real plants which can be toxic and fragile at the hands of a toddler!

Our range of artificial plants are very realistic and hard to spot from the real thing.  The ease of being able to place them anywhere in the house is also a plus point, as they don't need a certain type of sunlight, so you can place them where you want them as opposed to where they need to be.

They are also great at filling in gaps of spaces in rooms where only a plant will work, but maybe there is not enough light for a plant in that specific corner to survive?

Artificial plants are also perfect for creating an ambience of tranquility and relaxation and even mixing a blend of real plants with artificial is a great way of creating real impact.

You can create a lush, tropical jungle feel in no time at all, mixing plants of all varying heights and style together, without the worry of insects and having to prune!  And best of all you can go on holiday and not have to ask a neighbor to drop by to water your collection!

We often stock artificial plants specific for Christmas, Spring, or maybe you want to create a tropical feel with orchids, or need artificial plants that can be used as outdoor decoration or for weddings and celebrations.

Our range is constantly changing, we are always finding fresh new stock in even better shapes with new materials and styles of pot.

Artificial orchids have been extremely popular, as have the lavender and also the more formal pots of decorative grasses and leaves.

Giant fiddle leafs are also a very popular option in an artificial plant as the real life plant can be so expensive and hard to keep alive.

Artificial ivy garlands and hanging plant foliage is also a very popular choice and easy to add to almost any space.

Our artificial plants have been a welcome sight on our trade fair stands, adding a splash of greenery in every department.

In a retail setting they look good anywhere but super useful at filling spaces on bookcases, centerpieces on dining table, they look great on a decorative tray with some books and a candle on a coffee table.

At home, we love the simple elegance of the potted orchids on bathroom vanities, bedside tables, coffee tables and consoles.

So every few weeks our range will change, so keep checking on the types of artificial plant we have in stock and see what would work in your store today!

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