Simple Tricks To Add Style To Your Home Or Store

Since COVID-19 has hit, we have been spending a lot of time in our homes. It is only natural to want to create an inviting space and so homewares have had a boom. The following are some simple ways to inject style into your home (or shop) to make it look more stylish with minimal effort and a low budget.

Make an impression through your front door

The first thing you see, or your customers see is the front door. This makes it prime real estate territory to make an impression. It could mean you may want to give the door a fresh lick of paint, or accessorise! Think hanging objects, hooks, door stops and draught stoppers. These are simple items that can make a huge impact of styled correctly.

Display in threes

The rule of three is vastly known and used in the interior decorating world. The idea is based around the strength of a triangle. The use of three objects of different heights that are placed in a triangle formation is pleasing to the eye. It makes the look uniformed and balanced, even when there is a variety of objects.

Start off small and incorporate the rule of three in a corner or on a table, then begin to develop the idea through different areas of the house. This technique can also apply to larger scale items such as furniture.

Use layers

Whether it be rugs, placemats, table runners, scarves, or any other soft furnishings, layer your items for extra impact. When it comes to floor rugs this method costs less to bring a room together. Decorate your tables with multiple textures and layers to create a more stylish feel. Layer your throws and cushions to make your space feel cozier. For stores, layering can be made in more space efficient methods, such as displayed in baskets.

Use alternative ways to stack books

Books are such an easy and effective styling tool. They make a home, or a store feel inviting, but they can also be used to develop a sense of style. Traditionally books are stacked vertically in a bookshelf which is common for a classic home. Alternative placements speaks for a bolder style. Try changing it up and doing a mixture of vertical and horizontal book stacks. This breaks up the pattern and gives more visual interest. Books are also a great option to achieve the ‘rule of three’ creating different heights for different objects. It is important to make sure when alternating your books between vertical and horizontal to make it random. You want the rhythm to be different and non-rigid, as a rigid display is heavy on the eye.

Make conversation pieces stand out

This tip is a little harder to achieve. Your really need to limit yourself and only choose a few items to truly showcase. For stores you want to choose items that grab people’s attention, the statement pieces that they can add to their home. Some of you may choose this based around the dollar value and that is completely fine. Just make sure that you are putting the spotlight on a few items to catch people’s eye.

Keep the dust at bay

The appearance of dust is a mood killer; it kills the overall style. As a home or a store check to see which surfaces are more visible in the usual light and be sure to make the effort to clean it more regularly, between general cleans.

Display flowers randomly

Whether they be fake or real flowers their appearance can create a beautiful relaxing space. If you are to make the flowers mismatches this creates a casual look, and the random placement gives a homely impression and that you aren’t trying too hard to impress.

Move items around

The easiest and cheapest way to create a new look is by moving items around. Whether you are trying to refresh your home or your store, rearranging your furniture and your layout can create a whole new feel. Also, many things may look better in a new space or might serve a better function.

Candles in groups

Gather your candles in small groups for the house or in your store. When the candles are lit, this is much more effective than displaying individually as they will provide a bigger glow. When buying candles, go for plain white ones or stick to purchasing one colour as this will create a chicer look. When a shop is displaying candles, you should also consider grouping the colours together to show a uniformed and balanced look that can apply to the home.

Add some indoor plants

Plants are a great way to inject some life into a space, whether it be real or faux plants. The bright greenery brings freshness and colour to the space but treating them as decorative pieces when choosing their placement helps add stye points to any room. Play around with scale and choose big plants to fill and compliment bigger spaces, while small plants can be used as fillers.

Keep baskets in display

Baskets can create a great design feature. They can be used as a functional tool to move items room to room in the house, alternatively stores can fill them with those bulkier items to display. Placing them around the house or store in a few visible spots makes them feel like a part of the décor.

They can be all shapes and sizes; however, they should be all the same material or at least a similar colour to keep the look harmonious. Having all different types of different baskets can create a busy look and make the space feel cluttered. In neutral spaces, this is where you could use unique and loud baskets for decoration.

Remove packaging

Where possible it is important to remove unnecessary packaging (this also applies to stores). Leaving your packaging visible can create a cluttered look and take away from a coherent layout. Inside houses this particularly applies to the kitchen area. If you need to have items on the benchtop, we suggest purchasing glass jars to display items in to be able to remove the packaging.

Wall space

Many people avoid dressing their walls in fear of creating a closed in space. Art or wall hangings can be light and bright and used inject colour into your space. You could also potentially make it a more functional space and hang hooks to display everyday items such as hats or bags.

To make your home or store more stylish is quite simple; add details of who you are and what you like. This adds character to any space and makes either your guests, or your customers eager to spend time in it. When you love your space, this reflects and it’s easier to impress others.


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