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Alarm Clock Curve Red Large

Code: LA8216-2
Product Dimensions: 11x5x16H cm
Product Material: Metal, Glass


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 11.50cm
Width: 8.50cm
Height: 16.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

You have been a stickler for time - making sure you meet all deadlines, never late for meetings and always sure to wake the kids up for school. A sturdy clock is what you have always wanted and the kind that will cheer the space up without making meeting of time deadlines seem such a chore. Here is a red clock, surprisingly retro but very modern in its perfect mechanism and working.

Make this startlingly gorgeous retro look clock that is as tall as 16 cm make an imposing statement on any table and make it give you the most accurate time ever. Works like any modern day quartz clock and delivers time like it should - accurate to the second. The clock has this very sturdy metal body that will look stunning on the mantle, study table or any space that you wish to place it in. Its bright color, the tiny round shiny metal legs, the clear white round face with its easy to read numbers and the profoundly old world charm that surrounds it does push back time at least a decade when time keeping was a sophisticated technology. Gift it to your study table, to someone who is as big a stickler for time as you are. It will be gift that will remind one of the value of time and add also a look of vintage time keeping style to the space, in one stroke.

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