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Alarm Clock Curve Red Small

Code: LA8212-1
Product Dimensions: 9x9x13H cm
Product Material: Metal, Glass


Weight: 0.26kg
Length: 9.50cm
Width: 7.50cm
Height: 13.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Get up to the sound of this retro look red alarm clock whose sturdy metal structure will be able to withstand your tantrums and rough handling when sleep is what you want. The perked up red color is just the right color to begin your day - a lovely addition to add a color pop to your bedside. Add this also if vintage is the way you wish to color the world.

A benign bright face peeps right through this gorgeous red alarm clock hat has the same structural features as alarm clocks of the yester years. Add this to your bedside or your study table and see how accurately it keeps time while all the while adding a cheerful look of energy with its tick tocking. The metal body is well structured with tow domes that ring in lovely metallic sound that sounds like the perfect way to be reminded. Gift it to someone who you know needs to be a little more alert about timings or someone who is a complete stickler for it. Alarm clocks do act like tiny accents and this one is no exception. The clock is 13 cm tall and has a diameter of 9 cm and a face that is pure white with black numbering. A lovely reminder that clocks such as these are as much as décor accents as they are articles of everyday utility. Stands well balanced on its tow round steel knob like legs and looks like it will keep time forever for you.

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