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Artificial Bouganvillea Stem

Code: LD4528-12
Product Dimensions: 26x5x74cm
Product Material: Plastic


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 82.00cm
Width: 20.00cm
Height: 11.50cm
Inner Qty: 12
Carton Qty: 240

If you see them in their natural state-seldom would you pick them for adorning your home -the coloured leaf like flowers shed very quickly and its thorny stems don't allow easy access-but in the new artificial avatar-these spectacular bright flowers of summer, will regale you with their almost like natural look. Made from superfine quality material, this stem of bougainvillea plant has such a natural look to it that you would look out for spines when you reach out to hold it.

Delight your interiors with a touch of fancy with this absolutely stunning looking bougainvillea stem made from very fine quality plastic is pliable-its 74 cm length can be bent and droop over the arrangements that you wish to create. The beautiful bright pink colour is much like what you would see in the flaming bushes at summer time. a great means to add more brightness to your floral arrangements. The stem despite being long will droop and give that utterly lush and rich look to your foliar display. You could create a display with more greens and perhaps one or two such stem to give it a dramatic look. Place it near windows where the natural light will throw into detailed view the beauty of its thin floral structure-almost natural in appearance-it is fresh and as great as new after a wash with water.

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