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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Country Lavender

Code: LD3144-1
Product Dimensions: 7x18cm
Product Material: Plastic, Resin

The gorgeous blooms , tiny and dainty stick to the green stem-their delicate structure a perfect match with the rets of the very organic looking planter it sits in. if you happen to be in love with the idea of adding greens to your home in the form of plants but do not have the time or the convenience to take care of them , opt for this stunning artificial lavender plant that imitates the real om tin all its features and help you build in a beautiful feeling of nature.

The very presence off plants helps soften the look of even the most commonplace of settings. After all, the best inspiration of beauty comes from nature and when you take imitations of flowering plants such as the lavender, you are bound to get plenty of love. After all, this plant has been one of the finest in terms of the fragrance it gives and the kind of beauty to sends all around because of its colour. The lavender plant in this tall version is all of 18 cm in height with multiple dainty stems rising from the clay pot like base. The tiny lavender coloured blooms look fresh as if they have just bloomed. The plant is made of synthetic materials and thus can be washed clean each time you need to refresh its look, the size will make it possible for you to place it in corners or on table tops as well.

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