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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Flowering

Code: LA8548-1
Product Dimensions: 13x13x30H cm
Product Material: Plastic, Foam, Glass, Clay


Weight: 1.10kg
Length: 15.00cm
Width: 15.00cm
Height: 30.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

They seem to be struggling up for the sun, each tiny bud in the bunch ready to open up and give to the world the gift of its beauty and liveliness of its presence. There can be seldom any décor piece that can rival the beauty of plants and flowers and when they come in designs which defy season and see you through even the peak of winters, there is always place for them in your home.

The bushy look of this plant stuns you with its natural feel. Some fronds and stems seem shorter, as most plants are never perfect in their stem sizes - each bunch of flowers with its own personality, and each leaf having its own structure and life. The colours of the blooms a soft white highlighted all the more by the deep green of the waxen leaves. Here is a stunning replica of natural flowering plant which will make all the difference to the way your décor looks. The rustic feel discoloured clay planter in a dull grey adds a touch of realism to its otherwise plastic features. The foam setting in the urn makes the springiness of the plant count towards making its overall feel and touch all the more real. The plastic used and the colours chosen for the leaves and the flowers are correctly balanced in term f tonality and the very fact that even in plastic such real - life replication is possible, makes it worthy of your indoors. While the season brings a cover ow white all around, let your indoors revel in the beauty of Spring despite the change.

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