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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Succulent S/3

Code: LD3141-4
Product Dimensions:
Product Material: Plastic, Resin

Adding things connected with nature renders the spot far more aligned to all other things in the décor-whatever may be your theme, inclusion of plants and always play an important role in helping it look its best. Such is the colour of greens and foliar- and in this case, the choicest of succulents come in a set of three tiny versions that have been replicated in the most lifelike of ways, a perfect means in fact to make any corner come alive with a truly vibrant look.

Place them on windows, shelves, under lamps or on the study table-there is no place that will not gain from its beautiful presence-after all plants do have that effect in our décor. Helping them look all the more special is the resin made container that are tiny and look as if they have been hued out of stone. The plants itself a great copy of succulents minus the fuss that is needed to keep them well tended. The trio could be placed together, perhaps along with flowering plants or some more artificial plants that have blooms on them .it can be wiped clean to loo fresh like new. The plants have been made keeping in mind the ever-possible tiny detail that makes them so natural in look-right from the thickness of the rubbery leaves to the colours that are so mind bogglingly accurate. A wonderful option if you are looking to add that tiny accent that does wonders for small spaces.

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