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Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Succulent S/3

Code: LD3141-4
Product Dimensions:
Product Material: Plastic, Resin

Amongst the any things that your purse surely deserved, is your pill box-after all, when it comes to your health, it is in the timely medicine intake that ensures that and, this little pill box plays a vital role in keeping your day's most important part well sorted. Made to fit into even the smallest of your clutch bags or your largest hobo alike.

If you are on any kind of medication and have to be cautious about having them on time, the safest bet would be timely reminder and a pill case that allows you easy access to them any time of the day. Keep your meds in an organized way in this tiny little case that has three compartments allowing you the usage according to your convenience but mainly for ensuring that in case of three doses, the confusion is much lesser. Sort them as per your need, and timings and reach for them in an easy flick of a lid that keeps them in the safe confines of a round case. The delightful look of the pill box is the kind that will make it feel more attractive. Opens smoothly with a flick and makes it super easy to dispense the pills from the three tiny compartments. The dainty looking case will make even the most mundane of moments feel far more pleasant with its pretty little presence. The tree of life pattern of it simply uplifts the look to a far more pleasing kind.

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