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Bag Compras Tote

Code: LA7640-2
Product Dimensions: 43x18x53H cm
Product Material: Hessian, Cotton


Weight: 0.40kg
Length: 44.00cm
Width: 32.00cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

A tote that pack sin all - this Compars large tote made of hessian and cotton is a one stop solution for all your needs when a picnic is round the corner, a great deal of shopping needs to be organized at the back of the car or you simply need that extra large bag to call all your monthly provisions home from the store.

Made with hessian cloth and cotton this sturdy bag will be the answer to all your anxieties when it comes to large volume of things that need to be transported. Use the hessian and cotton bag when the entire family has shopping to store at the back of the car, or when the picnic lunch includes the game after and the storing of things that kids insist on taking. This 53 cm high bag with 43 cm length has a width of 18 cm that makes it a bag with a huge spacious cavity. The longish rectangular bag has a pattern that is mainly hessian and the cotton is merely at the top portion with handles too made in cotton fabric. Strong seams, sturdy fabric ready to take on really a great deal of weight, makes this a firm choice when weighty issues make such a bag imperative. Its simple looks belie the importance it holds for those who have need for a bulk carrying bag.

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