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Bags & Purses

Bag Tote Crotchet Fringe/shell Natural

Code: BB301-1
Product Dimensions: 26x28cm
Product Material: seagrass, cotton, PU


Weight: 0.20kg
Length: 28.00cm
Width: 30.00cm

Bringing alive the chicness of things bohemian can best be encapsulated in designs such as this. All white, fringed in white lace and embellished with more white- in the form of corrie shells-there is a fresh, summery frothy appeal in a bag of this nature that is seamless in shape and kind of destructured to give it a tub like look.

The soft thin black strap and the white woven body, all align fabulously to give you an accessory as great as a shopping bag as it would be your everyday outing bag. Bags are an essential part of your day-after all, some of us carry our little worlds in them-our favourite perfume to our music and headphones, maybe the book we are reading to the pouch that carries all your war paint for the freshening of makeup you need before you had for that part straight from work. Easy breezy styling, the kind that will go as great with a flouncy skirt or dress as it will with a pair of jeans-it’s the quintessential informal bag that will work to hold all that you care to carry. Sturdy, slid and yet lightweight, it has the material that will make it resilient even when stuffed to the brim. The touches of black closing straps and the cowrie shells add to its stunning good looks-quite hard to resist. The bag is 28 cm in height and its width would in all be about 26 cm.

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