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Basket Ladder Swing Natural

Code: TE732N-2
Product Dimensions: 44X26X136CM
Product Material: WOOD, METAL

Your home is all about how wonderfully you can manage to keep it looking organized, and when space is at a premium in modern homes, it is all the more important to attend to thus need in the smartest possible way-a ladder organizer with deep wire baskets lends you that flexibility of not just creating multi-level space for a variety of things, it also allows you to shift and use it in any part of your home.

Be it your utility area at home, whether you stock and store your home essentials from grocery to washing detergents and the likes or in the children?s room where books and toys, clean clothes and stationery -all of them jostle for space-there is always need for smart organizers such as this ladder style multi basket type. Made of sturdy materials, it has six baskets in varying sizes -with the smallest on top to the largest one at the base. The ladder baskets are white in colour, made of wired mesh and have large deep compartments making their utility a critical part of their use in your home. Be it your bathroom, the children?s room or your own bedroom or kitchen, there is always that need for segregating different kinds of articles so as to make them easy to find and access. The sturdy wooden frame in its natural shade of wood suits the white of the wire basket. A stunning means to make your home look well-kept and fresh in its town and country appeal.

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