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Basket Stand Embla

Code: U2006-1
Product Dimensions: 38x70x120H cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 4.14kg
Length: 39.50cm
Width: 21.50cm
Height: 127.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Perfect for keeping things well organized be it in the kitchen, the children's room or in your very own bedroom or closet, here is a quintessential space provider for all those things that could not fit into the closet and need to be within reach. A multipurpose set of baskets that come handily placed on stand that could be shifted sand used in any space of the house.

The very antique finish of this set of baskets makes it quite an eye candy in your home. The stand is all of 120 cm in height with three deep baskets that are placed on three rungs. The tiered systems makes it possible for you to place things that you need all the time n top while the lesser important and least used could go to the base. The wired structure makes it all the more lightweight and easy to shift around the house. Could be folded up and kept when not in use. The stand has a lovely pattern on the baskets while the basic frame is simple yet sturdy. The spacing of its main frame is wide giving it ample stability, even if you decide to place heavier stuff in it. Use it tto keep your laundry sorted or to place washed and dried dishes or whichever way you please - it will come in handy is so many different ways. The powder coated iron will remain tarnish free and retain its good looks despite much usage.

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