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Beach Bag Navy Palm Stripe

Code: BB316-1
Product Dimensions: 54x40cm
Product Material: Canvas


Weight: 0.30kg
Length: 53.50cm
Width: 1.50cm
Height: 41.00cm

Your summers are filled with plans of spending the weekend or the day out at the beach and one of the simplest ways to enjoy the day is to carry all that you need from home - be it a dhurrie, your thermos of coffee or a basket load of fruits and your lunch - and the kids would want to pile in their beach toys and the likes. Make space for all of these in this stunning striped bag those large size and sturdy built makes your preparation way simpler. Comes with an additional tiny pouch, for all those smaller things that tend to get lost in a large bag.

Your seaside day is filled with much joy and revelry and yet to keep yourself comfortable enjoying the lazy sun and the peace all around, you needed to carry all these belongings that you might need. Making space for all of those things and even some unnecessary additional one's is this sturdy canvas made beach bag that allows space for quite a few of your belongings. The striped bag in navy and white is attractively adorned with a palm print. The PU patches around the slotted rope handles adds that dash of detail and the size compatibility with what a beach bag needs to carry makes it w wonderful accessory. The rope handles while being sturdy are soft on your hands and the all - important tiny pouch that additionally has been added to the bag coordinates perfectly in its striped design and promises to keep the smaller articles in the bag well organized and ready to reach for. The bag is 54 cm in length and 40 cm in height making it a spacious and stylish option for your beachy needs.

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