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Beach Bag Sea Blue Striped Canvas

Code: BB273-2
Product Dimensions: 56x45H cm
Product Material: Cotton, Canvas


Weight: 0.26kg
Length: 37.00cm
Width: 50.00cm
Height: 1.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

A sturdy cotton and canvas bag that addresses all your space woes when a day long outing for shopping, or traveling with kids is on your mind. Bags such as these not only make great accessories but also ease your anxieties over packing your child's favorite toy, or the last minute article that you forgot to pack.

An easy to port bag that comes with soft cotton handles makes this a tote that would be as great looking as it would be useful. Outings for the whole day could need so many things for one to carry, especially if it is with kids - books and toys, your medicines and water, some tid bits and a change of baby clothes - who knows what all could be needed! To end one's worry of getting t all in is this tote from Lavida that is especially designed to make your travel a lot more easier with space being no issue at all. The sturdy canvas structuring, the seams that make the bag strong enough to carry heavy weights and the wonderfully cheerful colour combination, makes this a graceful and fun looking tote that is suited for many occasions like a day out with kids at the local park, a gym trip, maybe even your monthly whole sale market shopping. Grab one of these bags to know what ease of space is all about.

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