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Bell Sitting Bird

Code: U1737-1
Product Dimensions: 10x10x17 cm
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 0.65kg
Length: 10.00cm
Width: 10.00cm
Height: 17.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

A bell that makes not just a distinct tinkling sound but packs in a punch when it comes to its rather antique finish and quaint good looks. This is one of those pieces that makes even simple objects like bells seem like a piece of decor.

The crude metal finish, the dull look of the exteriors and the delicate stem from which the bell actually is attached makes this little piece truly charming. Bells are needed in dispensaries, by the bedside of patients or the elderly and can be used around the house simply as a decoration. This bell is all of 17 cm tall with an arched bell at its base and the handle has the tiny and delicately worked shape of bird clearly depicting its beak, wings and tail. It seems as if perched atop the stem of the bell ready to take flight. The piece comes with natural metal finish that has an antique look, the shine missing and the pretty much weathered .Easy to grasp and the kind that does not slip from one's hold, this bell will look equally enchanting simply as a piece of decor as well alongside other antique finish knick knacks. Makes a great gift - it is one of those offerings from Lavida that few can resist especially if one is fond of dainty little collectibles.

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