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Boat Rustic

Code: JF3016-1
Product Dimensions: 73x18x25cm
Product Material: Paulownia Wood, Fabric


Weight: 2.80kg
Length: 75.50cm
Width: 19.50cm
Height: 26.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 2

Give your nautical themed spaces something more to eb excited about- after all, the theme itself bring in a connection with fresh energy that the seaside is related to and here this ship model with its rustic wooden body will instantly makes the space liven up with its presence displayable on consoles sideboards, on low coffee tables or up on shelves a swell. You will love its structure; with its tiny details-the kind you would love to get closer to and inspect made from aged wood that gives the impression of a ship that has seen many a season out in the rough seas.

As if anchored after bringing ashore the crew safe and sound-this docked ship has turrets, little chimneys, masts and tiny portholes on its structure- left to look rustic so as to be gracefully absorbed into any kind of space. It will make an impression with many features and its three-dimensional presence that adds more depth to any décor. Delight your space with the same kind of drama and excitement. This ship is 73 cm in length with height of about 28 cm, the tiered structure and weathered discoloured wooden built adds to its stunning looks. Will regale you with its presence on the sideboard or the console. Such a wonderful means to make your oceanic look space come alive with more charm.

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