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Decorative Glassware

Bottle Vase White

Code: LB6273-6
Product Dimensions: 5x5x23 cm
Product Material: Glass


Weight: 1.25kg
Length: 12.50cm
Width: 17.50cm
Height: 24.00cm
Inner Qty: 6

The trick to buying a vase that can enhance the decoration of flowers in a room is to ensure that the vase itself is minimalistic and simple.

This simple white glass vase, for instance, is the perfect example of the kind of piece that any home owner would want to buy for their room. It comes in a universally neutral white colour and has a clean shape. All of this adds to its quality of being able to accentuate the colours and appeal of the flowers that can be arranged in it so that all eyes are on the flower decoration. This kind of a vase will, therefore, be suitable for decorating any room, whether it is the bedroom or the kitchen. In fact, it would be perfect for the formal setting of an office as well. This is why you will soon realize that this is probably going to be the most popular vase amongst your customers to buy.

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