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Boxes Coloured Hearts S/3

Code: LB6213-2
Product Dimensions: L:25x25x12 cm
Product Material: Cardboard, Paper


Weight: 0.85kg
Length: 24.50cm
Width: 24.50cm
Height: 12.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Boxes are important for an array of objectives. They turn to be especially useful wares when packaging items for presentation as gifts or souvenirs at important ceremonies like weddings, anniversaries and others. The boxes are constructed using paper and cardboard in most cases and feature multiple colours and patterns.

Boxes Coloured Hearts S/3 features a set of three boxes made out of cardboard and paper. The largest of them measures 25x25x12 cm. The boxes feature a pink cover that is tied around with pink ribbon, while the bottom part comprises of a flamboyant, black paper with multiple hearts printed on it. Owners of homes and regular individuals may purchase Boxes Coloured Hearts S/3 for use in packaging surprise gift items such as sweets for birthdays, book - sets for book fairs and other items as desirable. Buying this set affords someone the advantage of either using all of them at a single occasion or different times as need dictates.

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