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Boxes Monstera S/2

Code: HB8060-2
Product Dimensions: L:23x24x10H cm, S:18x10x8H cm
Product Material: Wood, Canvas


Weight: 1.90kg
Length: 24.00cm
Width: 15.50cm
Height: 22.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Gift your home the boon of great organization with the help of this set of gorgeously designed wooden boxes adorned with printed canvas and say goodbye to the excruciating job of searching for trinket and belongings, especially of the smaller kind. Here is a wonderful means to build up a great look in your space while at the same time keeping safe your precious little collections.

Be it shells, watches, trinkets, collectibles from your travels or even spices and precious hand - written love notes - there is no reasoning for why they mean so much to us. Each of us holds these possessions so close to our heart - so why not give them a place of dignity they deserve. Place them in wooden boxes on offer from Lavida as they come not just in generously sized versions but also come covered in printed canvas that lends them a whole new sort of colourful graphic look. Create just the right ambient space for your most loved collectibles and rest assured that they rest in a safe space of their own. This et of boxes have a metal closure that keeps the, lid securely shut. The smaller one has a depth of 8 cm and the larger one has depth of 10 cm. The long, stylishly embellished boxes are truly the one secure space for all those things you hold dear and would make such a lovely display in your dresser as well. The fresh white and green colour combination will act like this spot if artful décor in any place where they are stacked. Sturdy, well - crafted AND well moulded by the canvas cover, this is a set sure to alleviate your organizational woes when it comes to possession that are small.

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