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Bucket Bag Triple Stripe Black S/3

Code: BB188-2
Product Dimensions: L: 42x38x27 cm, M:33x25x22 cm, S: 26x19x18 cm
Product Material: cotton rope


Weight: 1.80kg
Length: 45.00cm
Width: 45.00cm
Height: 37.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Comments: 2
Volume: 0.07

Nesting bags in three varying sizes made of organic cotton rope that blends in classic weaving style with modern day colour options to make storage all the more stylish and fun.

Organizing of stores, be it at home or in commercial , requires neat and roomy holders or bags that help contain one's necessities in an organized manner and make it convenient also to access them as and when needed. This set of three storage cum carrying bags come with the promise of great quality as they have been made from cotton rope, making them sturdy and are also large enough to help hold a relatively large amount of items. Whether used as a storage for things in the kitchen, or for carrying things in the boot of one's car, this set of bags has all it takes in terms of design, space and durability. The handles are kind of built into the sides of the bag's natural weave and thus this takes away the fear of it getting detached due to excess weight. Apart from the looped handles that are easy to grasp, the bags are also tapering in shape making yet with a flat and prominent base that will allow it to balance as well. The colour combination in black, grey and white looks positively stylish and very modern.

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