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Candle Holders

Candleholder Namadji Sml

Code: BA8616-2
Product Dimensions: 17x12x36cm
Product Material: metal, glass


Weight: 1.70kg
Length: 24.00cm
Width: 19.00cm
Height: 37.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Spaces attain their own identity when statement pieces help define them- and lighting options play an inherently important role in creating a whole new look. Add this uniquely designed Moroccan lamp with a sturdy design for that special touch of antiquity in your interiors. What makes it all the more delightful is its easy to carry and easy to clean option by way of its rather modern and inventive design.

The mid-eastern design and pattern in Moroccan style items have taken the décor to quite another high when it comes to the numerous options in lighting. This somewhat modern feel design, comes with ease of holding. The candle-holding roundel at the base, with the chimney glass in place helps keep the candle from getting extinguished when in the outdoor. Carry and keep it where you feel the need to add a touch of mellow lighting and see how beautifully the glow of one single candle can make the inside of this gold coloured metal body come alive with a stunning kind of look. The alignment of the panels has been done so as to maximize on the illumination while also paying with the discrete impact of shadow, light and of course the design all over the filigreed panels which makes the lantern cum candle holder such a special piece.

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