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Candle Holders

Candleholder Zeli Gold

Code: BA8620-4
Product Dimensions: 10x10x9cm
Product Material: metal, glass


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 21.00cm
Width: 21.50cm
Height: 11.50cm
Inner Qty: 4

Revel in the joy of thousands of rays of light falling all around the candle holder. It is merely 10 cm tall with a cylindrical body that can hold a tiny pillar candle within. Add it to any table, corner or mantle and see how dramatically the effect of the lighting will change the mood and impact the room or the space. The burnished metal inside it glows in dull golden glow while the golden rays of light fall in the same pattern that can be seen all across its perforated body. As beautiful unlit as it is with a glowing candle inside.

Candleholders from Lavida can make quite a dramatic statement in your interiors with just a small little presence. This 10 cm tall candle holder is crafted from metal with a darker colour exterior and dull gold interiors. When the candle is lit inside the pattern that adorn s the body of the holder sends out multitudes of rays of slight all over thus uplifting the look of the space. Add tea lights of even small sized pillar candle. The glow will look invitingly warm and makes the space liven up with its warm glow. Add such candle holders in smaller or bigger sizes for a more pronounced impact. A great choice for those homes that are keen to build in an antique and vintage look in their interiors. The small mouth is just the right size to allow you to place a candle within and to clean up the inside for residue of wax.

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