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Cannister Flake Motif Sml

Code: YT5204-1
Product Dimensions: 12x12x9cm
Product Material: ceramic


Weight: 0.70kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 13.50cm
Height: 16.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 24

Like the first fresh snowflake that catches your imagination - this gorgeous piece of artisanal quality ceramic ware is the best means to not just store things right - but also for lending your side board and counters , a look of retro charm. A highly usable piece, albeit compact which can be used in several ways around the house.

Ceramic ware has been the most useful and valuable ways of lending your home and spaces a charming feel of heritage, in a fresh and simple kind of way - after all, it does have its roots in the past. Some are handcrafted, and ceramic ware such as this unquestionable lend a cottage and country charm as well. This cannister has a round body with height of 9 cm and a diameter of 12 delicate snowflake pattern adorns the top of the lid and across its round body as well. The lid fits perfectly on to the lower body. The off white creamy ceramic structure is highlighted with the light blue coloured pattern that increases the beauty of this piece to quite another level of exciting look. Superb smooth finish, easy to wipe clean and the kind that will be as suited for the dresser as it would be on your kitchen counter. A true representation of how Lavida has been in the forefront of reviving of ancient arts and crafts.

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