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Canvas Colour Gel Sqaures

Code: AW1185-2
Product Dimensions: 90x4x90H cm
Product Material: Canvas with Colourgel


Weight: 4.90kg
Length: 9.00cm
Width: 91.00cm
Height: 93.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Colours and shapes in themselves shave the ability to catch the eye- when they are made to interplay with just their placement. This holds true for his piece of modern art on canvas that has been brightened up further because of the use of gel colours that give it a fluid dense colour resolution that can seldom be achieved with other mediums' perfect addition to a wall and a decor that needs a boost on colour and stylizing the interiors in a more contemporary way.

The ability of this piece lies in the manner in which the rich hues of two colours have intermingled through the usage of repeated form. The 90 cm wide canvas is square and would look positively bright yet serene in its presence in the living room,. The colour intermixing of a lot of hues gives the canvas a bright and colour infused look that is incomparable. The tiny tile like colours are arranged uniformly as if in a secret collusion to make their effect all the more dramatic. The repetitive little tiles endow the canvas with a synergy of its own- a coming together, and a feel of unity- a mesmeric pattern that hypnotically moves from one shade to another almost making one believe that hidden beneath is a design. A modern and contemporary look at the way art is transforming interiors through its enigmatic presence. This canvas lights up with an inner life because of the use of colour gel. A great piece to own or gift, if the colour is the way you look at the definition of beauty.

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