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Canvas Cutlery Set/3

Code: AW1220-1
Product Dimensions: 30x2x90H cm each
Product Material: Canvas


Weight: 2.50kg
Length: 31.00cm
Width: 12.00cm
Height: 91.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Art and themes in art have no definition. Art is a perspective and each artist develops his own understanding of beauty through thing one assumes to be different and worth replicating so as to unravel its beauty a little more and in this case a simple set of cutlery has been raised to the level of art. Use your quirkiness to set your home part with the inclusion of such contemporary art from Lavida and feel the resounding change it will bring.

Create an ambiance you are going to revel in with these contemporary take on real life art. This quirky theme for painting is what makes this piece of art so interesting, detailed and so mesmerizingly different that it will surely begin quite a few conversations in your home. Make its detailed study of form and proportion the feature of any room in your home and see the manner in which the subdued colours and the elegance of its design will make all around seem to fall into place. There is a certain studied gracefulness in this design and that comes though in each of the three pieces that blends in with such charm. The fork, spoon and knife although in all measures similar in their job - each day utility but seen from an artist's eyes gain beauty that is unimaginable unless decoded this way. The set has three canvases, each with a height of 90 cm and width of 30 - and could be placed next to each other or whichever way one pleases.

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