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Canvas Hidden Gems 1

Code: SA7792-1
Product Dimensions: 50x3.5x50cm
Product Material: Polyester Canvas, Pine Frame


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 51.50cm
Width: 4.00cm
Height: 51.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 6

While walls might come in a single colour - sometimes painted serene white or in deep and more daring colours, you could give them a kaleidoscope of colours as well with artwork on offer from Lavida. Here is one such polyester canvas, perfectly framed and ready to adorn your walls. The vibrancy of this presence will send the style of your home to quite another high.

Lavida that combines scattered colours in the brightest of colours on white backdrop that lifts the dullness away and allows you to experiment with the décor all the more. Add furnishings in place colours or combine wit with jewel coloured one - and it will still look as stunning. This canvas is sized perfectly for walls that are large to medium in size. Made from polyester means that the canvas will retain the intensity of colours for longer and shine brighter despite age. The 50 cm square shaped canvas will eb the perfect means to brighten up galleries and rooms that need that colour rush. The frame in light pine wood finishes the canvas off perfectly. The delightful combination of colours in an abstract sort of manner makes it a great pick for homes that are traditional or contemporary alike.

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