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Canvas Love What You Do

Code: AW1270-2
Product Dimensions: 30x3x30H cm
Product Material: Canvas Print


Weight: 1.58kg
Length: 61.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 40.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Art for the modern times and one that suits the modern home and all kinds of spaces - here is the lovely usage of words and symbols of freedom that makes you feel the lightness of being. This canvas print carries with it the best of modern art technique - a print that enlivens the simplest of ideas to a work of art. Great for your personal spaces when you want the message to go home.

Messages when made to look like a work of art makes the impact all the more subtle but strong. This 30 cm square canvas has been printed in the most delicate of colors white and black and yet the words and the design on its stands out ever so clearly that it is hard to miss. The words play on the mind as it is freedom of what one wants to do with one's mind that has been addressed and that is something everyone grapples with and thus the more we look at it the more intriguing it seems. The second part of the message of course says more and that leaves a huge impact on the mind - love what you do - which is the practical way of looking at life and not the idealistic way - which actually helps get you your satisfaction and thus happiness. The little feathers on top of the canvas also talks about freedom and lightness of being. Cleary this message carrying print on canvas will leave a huge impact wherever it is placed. The children's room, your own office or any other space that could do with an art accent would be great for it.

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