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Note Books

Canvas Notebook Journey

Code: IA4270-2
Product Dimensions: 13x18H cm
Product Material: Canvas, Paper


Weight: 0.62kg
Length: 13.00cm
Width: 3.50cm
Height: 18.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 36

The compass and the map simply gives its purpose away - the perfect travel diary that could gold all your secret maps, deciphered messages, important routes and plans and all that matters to make your travel so enriching. This could be that notebook that could hold anecdotes, details of visits, addresses of friends you make or simply be your companion through your phases of silence when only writing down what you see and feel matters.

A notebook as pretty and as focused on its purpose as this could belong only to an avid traveller - or also someone who dreams of being one. The canvas cover, its rich exotic looking print makes you want to get on a ship, or the road and take off for another voyage. The well - designed diary could be that precious travelogue which would later fill you with wonder each time you read your recordings. Made with care to last your though years, the cover with its tough canvas should remain undamaged despite much usage. The gorgeous print as bright as ever. The pages should be adequate in numbers for all of your excited writings. The parchment paper colour, and the word Journey in bold, lends it that exciting quality - a feeling that makes you want to grab that atlas and plan out your next journey. The tie up feature and the stitch along its edges will give it more strength and durability.

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