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Note Books

Canvas Notebook Smile

Code: IA4259-2
Product Dimensions: 10x15H cm
Product Material: Canvas, Leather, Paper


Weight: 0.26kg
Length: 10.00cm
Width: 2.50cm
Height: 15.50cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 72

Stationery that make a statement is the new stylish way to announce your good taste. Here is canvas covered notebook that decidedly makes all the difference to the way you wish to make a visual impression while taking notes, or the manner in which you wish your desktop to loo. A message on the top lays emphasis on the unique character of the notebook, making them truly a collectors' piece.

There is so much fun in the manner in which great stationery has been launched by Lavida that knows that those who care for good quality stationery will love the whole new look featured by these great quality notebooks. Covered in canvas, given a tiny detailing of a message in the front embossed on leather, as well as the weave in white thread all along the edge, gives a wonderful contrast to the design. The length of the notebook is 15 cm while the width is 10 cm. The paper used is high quality and the number of pages inserted in the journal just the right numbers for long time usage. The rigged and ready style is what an informal journal would need - perfect for the desk top and as a note taking accessory. Sturdy in design and great in looks makes it an accomplice in all your writing pursuits.

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