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Canvas Print Feather Blues

Code: AW1302-2
Product Dimensions: 30x3x90H cm
Product Material: Canvas Print


Weight: 1.70kg
Length: 91.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 31.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Carton Qty: 12

Dappled in silver color with infusions of blue making the appearance even cooler ?this beautiful art work conveys the lightness and the freedom that feathers bring with them as symbol of freedom. Add this light as air feature to your wall and endow it with a modern and minimalistic statement that conveys freedom, lightness of one's spirit and the joy that nature brings with it.

Artwork that have nature based themes are enormously important for those homes that want to give some centering to their décor and walls are the best spaces to occupy when you need to go sparse on space usage . Place this gorgeous blue feather art work on the wall and feel the brightness, soothing ambience even the feeling of beauty that it will help permeate in the space. The canvas has been printed with much expertise ensuring that the hues and shades have been perfectly captured in the printing . Could be used as much in the dining room as in the living room or bedroom to build in a sense of space and brightness as the colors are such that it will make the room look brighter. The height of the canvas is 90 cm while it has width of 30 cm. You could use tow such canvases side by side to make a larger statement on the wall and cover large wall that may be vacant. A lovely informal way of embellishing empty long walls that could also be part of your home's more cohesive and well knit look.

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