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Canvas Print Majestic Peacock

Code: SA7730-2
Product Dimensions: 80X60X3.5CM
Product Material: Canvas, pine, resin


Weight: 3.40kg
Length: 82.00cm
Width: 10.50cm
Height: 62.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Thrill your interiors with the right choice in art work with this dramatically coloured peacock whose colourful feathers defines what could only be called a play of colours. The canvas print brings alive the vivid colours for which this pheasant?s feathers are famed. Place it in a space that could need uplifting in terms of attractiveness. A superb high technology printing method has made this a wonderful accent for your home.

Decidedly one of the best means to dress up your walls, when art inspired by nature is an option, one cannot really go wrong. Here is a print on canvas where the depth and brightness of colours has been kept to its natural tonality and thus makes an impression of complete natural kind of beauty. The canvas print portrays a close up of a peacock, the feathers in complete display. For rooms that wish to hoist a tropical thee or one based on nature, this could be the answer to your décor need. The canvas print is rectangular with a length of 80 cm and height of 60 cm. It has ready to use and place on wall finishes as it comes fitted with a dark coloured frame. The multitudes of colours that it shows off creates the perfect blend of natural beauty on your walls. A fine replication of this pheasant whose legendary dance in the rai with the arched open feathers is what makes it so covetable as a symbol of natural pride and beauty.

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