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Canvas Print Xoxo

Code: AW1244-2
Product Dimensions: 40x3x50H cm
Product Material: Canvas with Foil


Weight: 1.50kg
Length: 51.00cm
Width: 7.00cm
Height: 41.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Modern contemporary art that knows no pretense is all about delving into things and coming out with an incredibly simple answer - and this piece of foil on canvas could not have said it more directly. Call it cheeky or chic - the golden heart with its XOXO symbols conveys the message of love the simple modern way that is going to surely put a smile on anyone's face.

The focus of modern art has been to be received by all who wish to see its interpretation without the pretense of self glorification. Here the message has been conveyed on a grand platform but saying what has been the primordial fact that keeps the world going round - the message of complete love - the feelings what we have in our hearts, but can seldom lend it words - and the symbols that says what you feel is right here! The golden heart looks glitteringly focused on the white canvas and draws in all the attention. Simple, stark but not missing the mark! A lovely little addition to any space in your home that could do with a little quirkiness and not anything too serious - could look lovely in the guest room or the children's room or that little corner that you call your space away from the formal spaces that are all done up more traditionally. The canvas is 50 cm high and 40 cm wide, and would easily make a wall come alive with some simple love.

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