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Canvas Tree Gold

Code: AW1183-2
Product Dimensions: 100x3x80Hcm
Product Material: Canvas with Foil


Weight: 3.65kg
Length: 8.00cm
Width: 101.00cm
Height: 82.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

A spectacle so delightful that it is hard to believe that a single tree with its detailed features could become an inspiration for art. Nature at its best, this canvas with foil detailing art piece is special in many ways and will help make any wall come alive with subtle beauty-the kind that awes you with its soft lines and hypnotizing play of light and shade.

Silhouetted against a dull beige gold backdrop is the skeletal beauty of a tree in fall, its golden leaves glistening as it catches the light, symbolizing the beauty of nature even in its starkness. The tree symbolizes the circle of life, its rejuvenation and the endless possibilities that life holds-its symbolism is widely considered to draw in positive energies. The canvas is 80 cm high and 100 cm across and will look resplendent in the living room that has nature theme or woody colours to offset the golden highlights. The gentle yet well defined lines provide great centering of the forest or nature theme within the space and could be teamed with a multitude of colours including teal or green or even more shades of beiges and browns. Despite the wintry backdrop the canvas infuses the surrounding with its warmth and its inimitable connect with nature.

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