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Ceramic Birds Blue S/3 Sml

Code: LD4137-1
Product Dimensions: 9x7cm
Product Material: ceramic


Weight: 0.35kg
Length: 20.00cm
Width: 11.00cm
Height: 7.50cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 48

The beauty of your décor always lies not juts in the statement pieces that dot the wall and impress all with the impact but also in the tiny details that makes up small little nooks, table tops, shelves and the likes, where the touches of detailing shows itself- and helping you along the way are tiny décor articles on offer from Lavida -like this set of three tiny birds made from ceramic, helping you build in the arrival of fresh Summer beauty in your home. As great for table tops as for under the amp space or simply help you liven up some dull book laden shelf.

Tiny accents play an important role in lifting the pall of boredom from spaces with their small and interesting presence. Made of ceramic, the glaze of which gives away the high quality of handcrafted nature-the tiny birds are all of 9 cm in width, from the tip of their beaks to the ned of their tail and a mere 7 cm in height, a delicate blue colour adorns their little bodies, while the brown -orange beaks seem to have just pecked a tiny morsel off the ground each of the birds seemsto be super animated and caught in the middle of their everyday busy lives. Let your summer and Spring ready home come alive with their adorable presence. Also, a perfect way to enhance your cottage and farm themed home. Will look great under lamps and such places where their little presence will get highlighted better.

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