Cheese Knife Bee Tip

  • Code: HF851-10
  • Material: brass,resin
  • Size: 19.5x3x1cm
  • Min order quantity: 10
Inner Packaging:
  • Weight: 0.84 kg
  • Length: 21.00 cm
  • Width: 7.00 cm
  • Height: 7.00 cm
  • Inner Qty: 10
This item is handcrafted and finished. Variations in colour and finish and detail will occur. This is part of the beauty of a handmade item.Note Packaging is not classified as part of the product and will not be credited.
The white handle adds a whimsical touch that is sure to impress guests. Not only are these knives functional, but they also make for a stylish addition to any kitchen. Plus, their compact size ensures they won't take up valuable space in the kitchen drawers.

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Featuring a beautiful versatile functionality and durable construction, they are perfect companions for any cheese lover or hostess extraordinaire. Cheese Knife Bee Tip promise the perfect and functional addition to any kitchen. Their unique construction is designed for flexibility and versatility, allowing anyone to easily tackle all sorts of cheeses. Soft Brie can be wound with ease, while hard cheddar can be effortlessly sliced. This series of knives also makes it a breeze to shave pieces off blocks or spread creamy goodness on crackers. The ergonomic design helps reduce work fatigue by providing an easy grip during use, giving more control over what’s being cut. Your clients can upgrade their arsenal today and finish every task faster than ever.