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Clock Antique Blue

Code: LC9438-1
Product Dimensions: 60x60x3 cm
Product Material: MDF


Weight: 2.10kg
Length: 59.00cm
Width: 59.50cm
Height: 6.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

There is something about the Parisian charm that has worked its way into all things period and antique and unmistakably the same seems to have inspired this rather brightly coloured large clock that will make quite an impact with its inimitable style and great looks.

The stunning antique blue and the words - Antiquite de Paris look as if meant to be placed on something as charming as this clock. The large 60 cm diameter cook will dominate the wal with its style and colour and will help build the decor around it. Can be placed with ease on the wall with the slot at the back. The functional features as a clock are impeccably taken care by Lavida. The large numbers in white and the black hands of the clock look all the more attractive seen on a dial which is white and blue in colour. The pattern may be simple but the coming together of the colours and the style that adds so much value to it makes it one of a kind piece. A classic Parisian design is wonderfully reinvented and replicated to perfection.

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