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Console Creta

Code: HU8001-1
Product Dimensions: 191x51x104H cm
Product Material: Fir Wood, Metal, Tin Surface


Weight: 28.60kg
Length: 205.00cm
Width: 56.00cm
Height: 21.50cm
Inner Qty: 1

Perhaps one of the most versatile in its usage is the console table - and this one with its rugged features, made of timber and metal, makes quite a statement wherever it is placed. Solid styling mixed with a look so modern and refreshingly different that it is bound to be mixed and matched in many spaces to come out a favorite.

Consoles could easily be the first welcome space in your home entryway and sometimes be used as a dressing table, a bar or even a little office table for your work related articles. They are smaller and more compact a sin this case too and pack in all the features that a regular table does with more compactness. This table comes with a grey colored tin made top that is molded to smooth edges and the legs are wooden with angles made of metal to supports them. The colors like pine wood and grey tin makes for a very unusual and attractive combination. It's resoundingly shabby and modern ?unpretentious and industrial in its contemporariness and would look graceful and be as useful wherever it is put to use. Place a lamp on it or some décor items that suit a contemporary them - it will look stunningly vivid in its look and make your entryway seem more welcoming. The console is long enough a table at a length of 191 cm to be useful in several ways around your home.

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