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Curlz Model - Large

Code: U1289DK-2
Product Dimensions: 148x39
Product Material: Metal


Weight: 11.00kg
Length: 41.00cm
Width: 38.00cm
Height: 90.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Volume: 0.02

Clothes are as much a part of style, as the thoughts in your head- and when the two combine you get the scintillating article like this one from Lavida for all who are passionate about clothes and believe that they deserve to be displayed with elegance and in the most attractive of ways. Here is just the right kind of torso shaped stand for not just those who need replacements of mannequins with an interesting means to display in retails stores, but also those at home who wish their clothes to be laid out better for an event or regular wear.

A clothes stand designed with an eye for such details can only be something that can be called artitisc-as great looking as the clothes you won, it should be one of the best ways to help you display your creations or simply help you lay them out a lot more neatly than by simply putting them up on hangers. For stores that need a torso to show off details of a design, this would be the perfect embellishment to add to their shop as when not in use this model would add so much style to the space. Made of metal, the torso has just the right proportions to be able to displays all kinds of top wear. It is up on a stand that is about 148 cm tall with an ornate body created from metal design in fine kind of detail. The model has a wide spanning legs width that gives the design a topple free hold on the floor. Great for commercial display as it is for personal use-the kind any fashionista would be proud to own.

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