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Curlz Model Rustic White

Code: U1289RW-2
Product Dimensions: 39W x 148H cm
Product Material: 39W x148H cm


Weight: 9.00kg
Length: 41.00cm
Width: 38.00cm
Height: 11.00cm
Inner Qty: 2
Volume: 0.02

Those who love fashion know it's an art form. It's not just clothing you throw on in the morning and make your way out the door. Fashion impacts everything from the economy to how people think about us, so it's no surprise why so many fashionistas go the extra mile when it comes to displaying their clothes.

This Rustic White Curlz Model from Lavida consists of a white metal torso shape that's made up of a series of intricate swirls and designs. It sits on a white metal stand that has a base which features three feet to ensure there's no tipping and minimal sliding. These models are ideal for anyone who loves fashion, and they can be displayed and used anywhere from retail stores to schools to in bedrooms for those who want to lay out the next day's wardrobe in a unique way. Their white colouring allows them to complement any colour scheme, and their design can easily fit in a variety of environments.

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