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Cushion Black Stallion

Code: HH231-1
Product Dimensions: 45x45 cm
Product Material: Velvet


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 42.00cm
Width: 8.00cm
Height: 40.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

The wind making the mane fly , the nostrils flaring, the muscles rippling - a picture of energy captured to perfection. This cushion cover is an ode to the very artistry of a stallion and its form and shape. The beauty of this animal has been captured in such a way that when printed on a velvet cushion such as this, it can make a rivetingly beautiful accent in any space.

Cushions can be a great way to display the more informal kind of art - be it through handworked designs, prints or patch worked fabrics. There is always a certain amount of space on the face of the cushion that can work like an easel. Place these black stallion printed velvet cushion to your seating spaces and welcome whole new look to it. The superbly rendered print has captured the beauty of its form and color to near perfection. The velvet fabric does complete justice to the way the animals' sinews are meant to be visualized. A combination of color accuracy with form that renders this as almost close to a piece of art. Your equestrian theme decor will of course be glad to accept this in its folds , and in homes wanting a break from convention, lace several of these animal print cushions and one could easily break the monotony of an old theme with its inclusion. The velvet cushion comes in a square shape with 45 cm dimension and will grace large couches, single chairs and arm chairs with equal ease.

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