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Children's Gifts & Decor

Cushion Colour Love

Code: LA7503-2
Product Dimensions: 44x44cm
Product Material: Polyester


Weight: 0.65kg
Length: 43.00cm
Width: 6.00cm
Height: 43.00cm
Inner Qty: 2

Cushions are more than simple comfort articles in home and when they come in simple but enigmatic designs such as this graphic polyester ones like this one which has the one word that spells the feeling you enjoy in your own home - Love - the effect is all the more wonderful.

Add accents in your home to make them feel refreshingly new and vibrant and feel the difference each time you rake in the compliments. This cushion with its 44 cm dimension is white in colour with a multicoloured word - LOVE - that runs across its frontage. Modern and contemporary home accents have an amazing ability to lend so much style and allow your home to acquire a whole new look. Cushions are perhaps one of the easiest way in which accents could be added to the home and when they come in bright designs with so much novelty value, the effect is all the more sensational. Strength in material, fine finish and durability built in - all of this makes this cushion a great buy for your home. Add that love to your spaces and feel the new look make your home look special. Could be made part of any seating area as its material is the kind that can be sustained outdoors aswell as indoors.

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