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Cushion Curious Puppy

Code: HH232-1
Product Dimensions: 34x34H cm
Product Material: Velvet


Weight: 0.25kg
Length: 31.00cm
Width: 6.00cm
Height: 31.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Those limpid eyes, nose melting down and the furry cherub face out to steal your heart, if this graphic does not melt your heart right out - what would. Create the most snuggly , comfy feel in your children's room or your very own den , with this gorgeous velvet cushion that brings out best in the adorable puppy with the sweetest of faces.

Made of very high quality velvet fabric that gives the print on it the density of color and a lovely form, this adorable cushion is square in shape with 34 cm dimensions and can be added liberally in pairs of singles to your bed, the cozy sofa or your child's favorite hangout space at home. Add such cushions to bring out the soft luxury and the feeling of absolute comfort that homes are supposed to posses and make such cushions add that touch of softness and restfulness. You child would simply love to hug and hold this cushion that will make his or her space more comforting and peaceful. Add more such animal print cushions and see how vividly the space will radiate a kind of happiness and cheer it has seldom done before. The white background of the cushion allows the colors in the print to bring out the resolution of the picture to its best. Let the curious puppy into your home and see how you would want it to stay forever cheering you up and the space all around

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