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Cushion Linen Boho Dusty Pink

Code: CU3129-1
Product Dimensions: 50X50cm
Product Material: Linen, Cotton, Polyester


Weight: 0.55kg
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 10

Add the undeniable charm of linen made cushions that fill your space with their rustic feel and simplicity, here is one whose dull pink colour is rare and unique while its tasselled edge adds more to its completely distinctive looks, add this large square cushions and invite a comfort filled look for your seating spaces.

Adding cushions is a great means to not just make the spaces in your interiors far more invitingly relaxing but they also help make the space feel more well-endowed, lush and comfort filled. This square cushion is large -at 50 cm dimensions it has the size capable of creating a layered sort of seating wherein this large cushion could form the backdrop against which more coloured and patterned cushion will look stunning. The soft dull pink shade will especially look fabulous with brighter pinks, white, off white and grey and mauves. Add it knowing that it is bound to complement all spaces that have or need a classy kind of sophisticated look. The soft feel linen fabric makes the cushion feel wonderful to touch. The seams have been made sturdy so as to ensure that despite much usage, it retains its look. The fabric too is wear worthy, and softens more and more, as days go by and the cushion is used more and more.

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