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Cushion Linen Boho Mist

Code: CU3127-1
Product Dimensions: 50X50cm
Product Material: Linen, Cotton, Polyester


Weight: 0.55kg
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 10

The colour is a subtle steel grey-the fabric an organic linen and the look very chic and contemporary-your best bet at giving your home a style check in décor can be rather easy with such easy inclusions that also brings with its super warmth, comfort and an effortless kind of style. This Boho chic cushion is large and sumptuously proportioned to get your layered seating its real deal.

The look is very modern -tassels on two sides-a choice of a very sober gey colour and the fabric a delightful organic linen that makes the feel of the cushion very chic. When updating the look of your décor, it is so much easier to add cushions that bring with them coloured textures and patterns and with this large cushion, one open up possibilities of colour combinations, layering and of course adding far more comfort and relaxation in the space. This handcrafted cushion is made from very fine quality handwoven linen fabric. Two sides of the cushion are adorned with tassels that have been created from a similar colour thread as the cushions itself which is grey. The large size of the cushions will help it be the perfect backdrop on which one can place textured, coloured, patterned and design laden cushion in striking colours that will get wonderfully off set by this more muted piece.

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