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Cushion Linen Folk Azure

Code: CU3136-1
Product Dimensions: 60 x 40cm
Product Material: Linen, Cotton, Polyester


Weight: 0.60kg
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 10

Plush up your interiors with navy coloured cushions that has a simple minimalistic design much in keeping with the summer fresh feel you wish to build into your spaces. Will look as desirable adorning your bed combining with prints and embroidered cushion as it would making your large couch or armchair feel the touch of its comfort. A fabulous addition if you are looking to add that touch of organic luxury in your spaces.

The very touch and feel of linen fabric make for the most desirable of textures for upholstery and furnishings and when you can get a simple, no fuss design that sits well with most spaces and pre-existing palettes that you may already have, the choice can only be called easy. Here is an option that is hard to resist from Lavida as it is the kind of cushions that will be the perfect choice of you love thongs marine or you wish to get your home more summer ready, made from high quality organic linen fabric, the cushion is 50 cm long and 30 cm wide with fringes on the side upholding its very country chic looks. The beautiful cushion also showcases the best in simple minimalism that makes combining this with other cushions so much easier. Use it on the couch, the large armchair or your bed, it will singularly help make the space more relaxing and invitingly comfortable.

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