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Cushion Linen Folk Berry

Code: CU3137-1
Product Dimensions: 60 x 40cm
Product Material: Linen, Cotton, Polyester


Weight: 0.60kg
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 10

Lavida has created the kind of style update every home needs from time to time with huge range of very organic feel cushions made from soft and durable linen fabric, the prewashed soft feel linen in this case is a dull pink that has been structured in panels in a rectangular cushion that will enhance the look of a couch as much as a bed.

Update the style of your seating spaces or your den or even your more formal seating spaces with superbly crafted organic linen cushions from Lavida they come in a size that will help you use them for layering the seating-using their rectangular form at the back or making the frontage of large square cushions. Here is one that is dull pink in colour and bound to look especially impressive when placed with prints or with cushion with patterns worked on them. The pre-washed linen has been given soft kind of finish that makes them a perfect choice especially for space where you tend to sleep, relax or simply wish for greater comfort its size will help it combine with smaller sized cushions and the ones that are large and will fit in behind it. The cushion has a structured and panelled design that lends it a certain kind of design detail. The fringed on the side makes it appear more country and town in its design.

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