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Cushion Stone Washed Linen W/ Tassels Linen

Code: CU3105-1
Product Dimensions: 50x50cm
Product Material: linen, cotton, polyester


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 49.00cm
Width: 4.00cm
Height: 47.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Cushions add that much needed element of luxury and style that makes seating areas gain a look of comfort and relaxation. After all, after whole day?s work having the soft support on your back and you watch that live Football match or curl up with your favourite book, is as important. Give your seating spaces this style update with cotton and linen made neutral shaded cushions from Lavida helping you layer the look as well as give the right backdrop for more colourful additions.

The colour is soft, the hue subdued, and the feel organic and smooth. This simple addition in the form of a cushion is meant to help make your bed or couch or that large armchair gets that well deserved upgrade to a more luxurious feel. After all cushions are an invite- an invite to sink into its lush softness and let go or worried for just that while and helping you achieve that kind of relaxation is possible with this square cotton made cushion. The edges have a simple strim made of fabric and he smooth pale plainness of the cushion helps one use it for a more layered look in the seating. Place it on the couch and add more colourful or oriented cushions to break the dullness if you so desire, or if it?s a cool summery look, add more whites in front and you could have the freshest looking setting here. Add large cushions of the same kind in other hues to make a different look possible.

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