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Cushion Stone Washed Linen W/ Tassels Sky

Code: CU3103-1
Product Dimensions: 50x50cm
Product Material: linen, cotton, polyester


Weight: 0.60kg
Length: 49.00cm
Width: 4.00cm
Height: 47.00cm
Inner Qty: 1

Creating a relaxing ambience in the crib or the bed needs to be worked into the space ? and what it needs more than other things is a soft, plush and organic feel cushions that give great support and add the visual impact of luxury. Here is one made with organic cotton, piped and stone washed for extra smooth finish of fabric. The soft hues ensure that it will find its place in almost any kind of pre-existing colour setting. A large cushion for all of your big relaxation needs.

Cushions lend spaces the most essential pre-requisite for comfort-a support for the back and a luxurious feel that comes from a promise that when seated your shall be treated to a luxury experience. The cotton, and linen blend fabric of this cushion along with its neutral hue adds to its sophisticated look while the stone washed treatment ensures that the fabric remains hardy and strong despite any amounts of rough and long usage The smooth texture of the fabric is all that is highlighted also by the piping in a deeper shade to make the starkness of the cushion its usp Add it to couches and large armchairs as the backing cushion as its square and has 50 cm dimensions that could be the last layer in your seating with a frontal layer of smaller , brighter or oriented variety of cushions adding such neutral shades in cushions allows you the leeway to experiment with any other colour combination or layering method to make your seating all the more attractive.

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