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Children's Gifts & Decor

Doorstop Cute Horse

Code: P4277-2
Product Dimensions: 21H cm
Product Material: Cotton, Sand


Weight: 0.80kg
Length: 12.00cm
Width: 15.00cm
Height: 24.00cm
Inner Qty: 1
Carton Qty: 12

This cute horse makes a perfect little gift for all homes that need door wedges because they could be close to the coast or when you have children's room that must at all times be accessible inside out. Here is that doorstop that will perform well despite its rather stuffed toy looks because not only it is tough in its structure but will add all its dose of cuteness while still doing its job perfectly.

Add that charm of an animal figure to a mundane little object that seldom gets its ounce of importance. Here is a completely new idea in design in doorstops that help keep your children's room doors from slamming shut and makes them more accessible all the time. This little horse will sit at the door ensuring that there are no accidents near the doorway, guarding against winds. Filled with cotton and sand, the height of the polka dotted beige friend is all of 21 cm and it seems to be resting on its back thus giving its base a lot of solid support and . It furry tail end and the mane are simply adorable as are its tiny ears, eyes and its nose. Add this to your children's room and make it seem a more fun place. Will make an adorable housewarming gift and such are its looks that despite being fashioned around what kids would love, it's very cottage kind of charm will surely make you want it in any part of the house.

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